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How to calculate Moving costs?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Calculating your moving costs for a local move in Orange County should be based on the size of your move. Sounds easy right? Well, it really is.

Moving costs are based on the hourly rate for the crew size needed for your move.

Typically, small moves such as one bedroom apartments and studios that are moderately furnished will use a two man crew. Two bedrooms or two plus a small office should have a team of movers.

Larger homes will need a larger crew size usually based on item list and other move details. Do not make the mistake of booking too small a crew for your move.

Once the correct team size is determined, you need to plan on the hours it will take. Industry standards reflect that 3 hours is the minimum you should plan for.

There are several factors for determining move hours. Your item list and box count is the most important. Also, you will need to consider if you have stairs or elevator access. Factor that into your planning, as these do add additional time to your move. Also, consider where the truck will park in relation to your unit or even front door. For example, if you live in a complex with stairs and the moving truck has to park far away, it is possible for that back and forth trip to take 10-15 minutes per trip. This is not always the case but just something to consider. You are the best judge of the details regarding where you live and where you may be moving. We rely on your understanding of the layout when giving us your move notes.

Also, time at start locations or pick up addresses, do tend to take longer than drop off. The simple reason for this is that we wrap and blanket your items for protection prior to loading them on the truck.

Something else to price in, is the gas and mileage costs for your move. This should be discussed with you at the time of booking and detailed in your confirmation. Usually local moves within a short range will have a flat gas fee. Long distance moves will have a charge per mile. Some companies charge double the drive time. We charge per mile.

Are you requesting additional services? Hauling items to dump or driving them to 2nd and 3rd locations for donations will incur additional costs.

Lastly, although not required, tips for a hard working crew should be planned for. Tipping is a personal decision and the amount varies based on length of time and satisfactory service.

As always, we recommend you just simply give us a call or send a request for quote directly to us. We are happy to answer any questions and provide more.detailed explanations.

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