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Almost always, people hire movers to assist with the furniture moving and appliance moving. Airborne Moving Company will work closely with you to obtain your full item list to determine the right team size for your local move. Team size is important. The right crew can get you loaded an unloaded in a quick, efficient and cost effective way. Our team will be ready to disassemble furniture, shrink wrap, blanket and provide protection for your items during the move.

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Keep moving forward with our complete moving services

Our flat price means no hidden surprises, ever.


Complete packing service

We can pack your whole home, a few boxes or your most valuable items so you can focus on other aspects of your move. Our packing methods and the high-quality packing materials we use are matched specifically to each of your items. All of your boxes and items will be securely delivered so you can peacefully unpack them in your new home at your own pace.

Premium moving supply bundles

When you are moving you are already busy, we recommend that you don’t waste your time shopping and gathering packing supplies that are not designed for moving. The moving supplies in our bundles are of the highest quality and are designed specifically for transportation. Sturdy boxes, strong tape and packing paper all created to protect your items.


Experinced movers

Our skills are specific and extensive. We are specialists in every aspect of residential or commercial relocation. We preoare packages with attention-to-detail, in order to ensure that your moving experience is catered to you, pleasant, and efficient. Our movers have the training and expertise to efficiently and securely pack your valuable items.

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Orange County affordable Moving service

With a flat price which includes all packing materials and physical labor to pack your items, we are Orange County’s most affordable packing and moving service. Moving isn’t just shipping, it’s a journey. It’s about helping you to get your life’s next destination. We maintain our business on making this important experience as simple and pleasant as possible.

It is important when you start looking for a moving company, you look for movers near me or moving services using your zip code. Most people we service have found us by simply searching for Irvine moving company or a similar nearby city. Many look for furniture movers in Orange County.

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Why choose Airborne Moving Company?

Pricing is a very important part of an affordable move.
A.M.C. movers in Orange County is a moderately priced moving solution. Many of our reviews for yelp movers reflect not only our great pricing but speak of our friendly and professional staff.

We provide free moving quotes 7 days a week. Our schedule is designed to provide some flexibility on dates for customers that are going through escrow or remodeling delays. There is no aspect of household moves we haven’t encountered and as responsible movers, our services will reflect that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for me to move?

Making a decision on when to move to your new home is totally up to you. Take some time to shop around; not only for your new home, but also for the moving company that would best suit your needs. Just like any other business, moving companies have business cycles. The busiest time for movers is in the summer. From May until September is the time when moving rates for all moving companies are usually a bit higher.

When should i start looking for a moving quote for my local moving company?

If you know the exact date you will be moving out and the date when you will be moving in, then it is time for you to shop for a moving service. Always start with your local companies; small moving companies will provide you with the lowest moving quote and very professional moving service. If you are moving coast to coast, you will be looking for a quote from a large moving company, since your local movers do not have the capacity to move you across the country. Moving quotes for a local move will be 30-40% lower from your local small moving company; they will simply provide you either with an hourly rate or a flat rate for your move.

What kind of payment methods are available to me?

Keep in mind that law requires your moving company to collect payment prior to unloading the truck. Do not get frustrated or confused if foreman presents you with the bill while the truck is still loaded with your belongings. It is a precautionary method to ensure moving company is being compensated. In the event of a customer refuses to pay, moving company authorized not to release the shipment and seize it until the payment has been made. The actual payment method can be cash, check, credit card etc.

Do i need to prepare my appliancess before the move?

You might want to empty the refrigerator, disconnect washer and dryer, dismount air conditioner, stove and tape the doors to prevent damage. It is not easy to disconnect washer or gas stove, your movers will not be able to do that for you either, but they will bring or recommend you professional appliance service providers to help you disassemble your appliances. If you are not taking stove or washer with you, and only have a fridge, do not worry about it, all you need to do is unplug it and tape the door.

What do i need to do with my documents, jewelry and antiques?

Every reputable mover should tell you to make necessary arrangements for your special antique items. Relocating your antiques in the fully loaded truck may not be the best idea. Antique furniture, paintings or pottery require special care and separate transportation means. Jewelry, documents and cash should be stored separately and kept out of reach of children, strangers or pets. You might want to put your valuables in a safe deposit box in the bank or give it to your relatives for safekeeping.

When my shipment will arrive?

In case if it is a local move, the movers will load the truck in front of your eyes and when everything is ready to go, they will follow you to your new home and unload the truck. Once you agreed upon the delivery date and time, the truck with your belongings will arrive and movers will start unloading the truck.

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